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Atlantic Carolina Healthcare Consulting and Billing, LLC (ACHCB) provides comprehensive and medical anesthesia practice billing. We also provide consultation services to audit medical practice billing systems for compliance and financial performance.  We perform insurance carrier collections follow-up.  We refer to favored specialists for accounting services, and to legal services for payer contracting and hospital negotiations in order to avoid conflicts of interest.

As a billing company, ACHCBC provides a full range of anesthesia billing services, but tailors the services to each individual practice’s requirements after our initial screening process. We meet or exceed all industry benchmarks for efficiency and accuracy.  Let our size work to your advantage. We give your account personal attention to assure that you get rapid turn around and payment. We gladly will show you our days in A/R and collection rates during your consultation. Fees for billing services are highly competitive and are dependent on the service provided; sizes of the group, numbers of claims/charges generated by a particular client and are discussed after our preliminary consultation.

As a consultant, ACHCB provides audits for medical practices of several medical specialties. Some of the practices audited include family practice, cardiology, pain management, podiatry.  Our initial consultation is a fact gathering meeting where we find out what your practice expects to derive from the consultation. Then a site visit allows us to review your records, to audit practice and billing systems, and to check compliance.  From that site visit, we verify quality of other vendors’ work and/or make recommendations for improvement.  Consultation with ACHCB is totally confidential, since we do not want to the relationship with your current billing provider.  We can usually discuss your needs at our initial consultation based on the information that your current billing company provides to you. All clients receive a business associate agreement to protect their and our interests, and all ACHCBC billing procedures are HIPAA compliant.

Feel free to contact us with the contact information provided below should you have any questions.

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